Egad! How Do We Start Writing (Better) Tests?



Andrew Knight Some have never automated tests and can’t check themselves before they wreck themselves. Others have 1000s of tests that are flaky, duplicative, and slow. Wa-do-we-do? GOOD testing is hard but not impossible. Start with proven advice from this talk! PyTexas2019 The PyTexas Foundation was organized as a Texas non-profit corporation in 2014 and received its 501(c)(3) recognition in early 2015. Although we cannot guarantee that your contribution to PyTexas will be tax-deductible (we aren’t tax attorneys and just don’t know), you can rest assured that any contributions to the organization will always be used to further the common goals of the Texas Python community, and never for personal benefit. PyTexas is the annual, regional gathering for the Python community in Texas. PyTexas is organized and run by community volunteers. PyTexas, like most of the Python community, is focused on providing a diverse and enjoyable experience for everyone interested in Python. Please help us do that by following the code of conduct. Produced by NDV: Python Sat Apr 13 10:05:00 2019 at Special Event Center

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