Writing Your First OpenDaylight Application Part 1 by Gaurav Bhagwani, Hema Gopalkrishnan

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Writing Your First OpenDaylight Application Part 1 - Gaurav Bhagwani, Hema Gopalkrishnan & Manohar SL, Ericsson "How to write an application on/for Opendaylight" - Features useful in application writing- FRM,config DS - When ODL apps wants to program the rules on switch it can commit to config DB or use RPC, tutorial will explain the steps, pros and cons of configuring rules both ways. - Clustered DCN / Data Tree Change listener - When applications are run in a clustered-mode, when there are multiple ODL controllers, switches could connect to any of them for load balancing purposes, then applications should consider that data being present across the cluster. This tutorial will explain how to handle cluster-wide data. Entity ownership - Entity Ownership Services can be used by applications to find out which node is the the leader among the cluster node. This data can be used for some application logic. Tutorial will explain all of the above through sample application. About Gaurav Bhagwani Gaurav is currently working with Ericsson in Opendaylight based SDN Controller Domain project. He has also contributed to the ODL community during Hydrogen Release including contributions to OpenFlow plugin 1.3. He is one of the active members of the Bangalore SDN, NFV and ODL Meetup group. Presented on "Adaptive SDN Networks" at OpenDaylight European Mini Summit (co-located with OPNFV Summit) at Berlin, Germany. He along with one of the Ericsson Colleague Manohar SL presented at the same meetup on the topic “Understanding OpenFlow and its evolution” which also presented the understanding of key constructs and features of OpenFlow 1.4 and OpenFlow 1.5 Specifications.

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