Chandra Nandni || Helena threatened that she will be killing Durdhara’s baby

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The last night episode of the TV series Chandra Nandini begins with Chandra (Rajat Tokas) apologises to Durdhara for leaving her alone despite she is pregnant. She says she is not angry because he is leaving her, and she said that she is sad as he never confesses to her that he is in love with Nandini (Shweta Basu). He gets embarrassed and asked to Durdhara that how she is aware of it that he is in love with Nandini. Durdhara asked Chandra that this is the right time to confess in front of Nandini that he is in love with her. Now Chandra went to the Nandini’s room where he sees that she is busy packing her bags and both of them involves in some funny arguments. Chandra also asked Nandini that she should not leave him and Nandini also realised that she can’t leave without Chandra. Helena tells her mother that she can’t handle defeat and then Helena and her mother make a plan to kill Nandini but Durdhara hear this conspiracy and she plan to reveal it to Chandra but somehow Helena holds her and also threatened her that she will be killing Durdhara’s baby if she dare to reveal the truth and Durdhara go scared. Nandini suggests Chandra postpone their trip until Durdhara’s delivery for her safety but Chandra said he can’t go back from his words and Chandra’s mother and grandmother assures that they will be taking care of Durdhara. But Nandini asked Chandra to attain Durdhara’s baby shower ceremony and Chandra agrees. Nadini gives the good news to Durdhara but stunned to see Durdhara is scared and Durdhara also asked that she is not well so Nandini asked her to take rest. Durdhara feels bad for Nandini. Nandini thinks to give medicine to Durdhara but Rajmaat asked Nandini that we can’t give medicine to Durdhara without doctor’s permission. But still, Nandini asked to Rajmaata that she will be giving medicine to Durdhara as she is sure of it that this will reduce her pain. Now the baby shower ceremony is all set to start and Durdhara receives a lot of gifts but they shocked to see Helena is there at the baby shower ceremony.

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