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What is people analytics and how is it different than what HR has always done? I looked at my 4-year old HR textbook and people analytics was not mentioned anywhere (nor was 'workforce analytics' or just 'analytics'). My guest, Allen Hornung is a director of people analytics, and thinks this is because it is a quickly emerging element of HR. This episode goes into the basics of people analytics - what it is and how it differs from the activities we are more accustomed to. There is so much power for insights and decision-making in this work! Check it out! 0:00 Intro 1:00 What is people analytics? 1:45 The difference between people analytics and reporting 2:36 The people analytics maturity model 3:42 Predictive analytics 4:42 Prescriptive analytics 5:29 The role of humans 6:41 What about non-digitized information? 7:54 Why isn't this in textbooks? 8:56 Required tools and resources 12:45 Examples 14:45 Important skills 16:18 Assessing effectiveness 17:31 Where to learn more Allen mentioned these resources: Excellence in Analytics by David Green and Jonathan Ferrar: Coursera: Udemy:

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