Mawlid Permissibility? | Celebrating the Birth of Prophet Muhammad pbuh |

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Mawlid Celebration. Mawlid Permissibility? Can we celebrate? Should we Celebrate? A short film produced in the honour and love of the Messenger of Allah Pbuh. This film tries to remove the misconception of the Mawlid or Milaad celebrations that millions of muslims all around the world undertake. We have Shaykh Hamza Yusuf discuss the importance of being overjoyed with the birth of the prophet pbuh. Produced by Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid - the Director: "Every year I have seen the annual milaad celebration and procession in my local community in the blessed month of Rabi Al Awal. I have seen people take to the streets and express their joy and love for the Messenger of Allah Pbuh. I have seen them overjoyed with feelings of happiness and love. Sadly everywhere I have also seen many who have been quick to slander and reject the celebration of the birth of the Messenger of Allah. I have never understood this and this video was produced with pure intentions to educate those who believe otherwise and also to inspire love for the Messenger of Allah Pbuh. May Allah accept this token of contribution from me and may Allah make this a means of my salvation in the hereafter. I ask Allah that this video brings benefits to others." Credits are also given: Mohammed Abbas: 2nd Shooter Filming B Roll Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - Zaytuna Institute Imam Khalid - Ghausia Jamia Masjid Nelson Lancashire Spoke Word: Talk Islam.

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