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THIS SELECTION OF ARTISTS WILL SHOW YOU THE TRENDS OF ART ON INTERNET THESE DAYS. AS YOU WILL SEE, BEING AN ARTIST MEANS HAVING TALENT BUT MOREOVER IT MEANS HAVING GREAT IDEAS AND MAKING THEM REAL. SO DON'T HESITATE AND START MAKING REAL YOUR OWN IDEAS. UNLEAS YOUR INNER ARTIST! Check Out These Amazing Artists: DEREK DOMNIC Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Derek is a digital artist with a unique style. He represents common situations with a very nice game of lights BRAEDEN O'BRIEN Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: Braeden is an amazing Tiktok artist with a great talent on the digital art. PETE KOZA Instagram: Tiktok: Facebook: Web: This Florida artist is the best at creating metal sculptures. A very difficult technique to master. ART BY JACKIE HARDER Instagram: Web: Facebook: Jackie creates the most bizarre and yet cute figures MARIANA Instagram: Tiktok: Mariana is a creative young Tiktok artist with amazing ideas! FENINROSA Instagram: Shop: Feinrosa dot art is amazing for decoration ideas. SIRI HD Instagram: Web: The most amazing talent of this artist is his ambidextrity. So satisfying to see! DIMA TKACHEV Instagram: Youtube: Tkachev Dimavand is a graphic designer based in Minsk, Belarus.His specialization is logo design and custom lettering. And jus by seeing his works it goes without saying that he is one of the best on the field! Check out his social media to see more! SPAZUK Instagram: Facebook: Steven or also known as the fire artist, uses a technique called fumage to create amazing pieces. This technique includes a process of burning to create images, normally a candle is used for this. SERENITY451 Flickr: A perfect example of how internet has unleashed the creativity of thousands of anonym artists BO FANG Tiktok: Shop: Bo's talent to create cute characters with just a pencil is really amazing! BLACK FOREST WOOD CO. Instagram: Youtube: Web: Dylan is part of Black Forest Wood Co, a company dedicated to build custom furniture. Their techniques include epoxy finishes that are surely from another world EYEINSPIRED BY KELLY EDELMAN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Shop: The style of this artist is unique and the way she perfectly paints the details in her pieces is a great talent! so satisfying to watch! PABLO CIMADEVILA Instagram: Youtube: Pablo was a swimming athlete and now he is a jewelry artisan. What an amazing life! DILBAG SINGH Instagram: Dilbag is a calligraphy artist with a singular style. You can find tasteful lettering and sensational designs in his work. His accuracy with the pen is amazing! AZAM ARTS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Azam is a great portrait artists. With just a pencil he can achieve the most realistic portraits Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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