Sprinter 150: How to move a washing machine up and down stairs

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Discover Stanley Handling's Sprinter 150 Stair Climber. This machine can handle loads up to 150Kg and is highly portable. It can be used to move all kinds of white goods including washing machines, tumble dryers, medium fridges, furniture, barrells and much more. This stair climber is competitively priced compared to other stair climbers on the market in the UK. Visit https://web.stanleyhandling.co.uk/sprinter150stairclimber for more information on Stanley Handling's purchase/lease packages. Or visit our blog for more information on transporting white goods https://web.stanleyhandling.co.uk/how-to-move-white-goods-up-and-down-stairs

Published by: Stanley Handling Ltd
Published at: ۱ year ago
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