Stop saying “I don’t understand”: What to say instead

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What was that? You want to improve your spoken English and say more than just “I don’t understand”? In this lesson, I will teach you how to let someone know that you did not hear them, did not understand them, or that you simply were not listening to what they were saying. Learn how to ask for repetition, how to admit fault, and how to ask clarifying questions to connect with others and their words. Some of the responses you will learn in this lesson are: I didn’t catch that, My mind was somewhere else, Wanna run that by me one more time, I didn’t follow that, I didn’t get that, I have no clue what you just said, Could you repeat that last part again, and more. Grow your speaking and listening confidence by studying and using these helpful declarations and questions today. Don’t forget to check out the quiz once you’re done: Keep expanding your vocabulary! Watch these lessons next: 17 ways to say YOU'RE WELCOME in English Learn English: 20 ways to say I DON'T KNOW

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Published at: 6 months ago
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