Sam Threatens Me With a Knife

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It has been awhile since Sam (my younger brother) and I made one of these "vlogs" so I figured we might as well do one. I have to warn you, there is a lot of playing with knives, eating M&Ms and a whole lot of shouting haha. We had fun with this video (as always) because we literally just turn the camera on and then go about our business...being crazy and hyper. Hopefully you enjoyed, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos! :) Video Facts: 1.)we filmed for about an hour and 40 minutes 2.)Sam's hat at 1:49 is part of a whole lamb suit that is made for a kid about 5 years old....and Sam was wearing the whole suit before the video started lol 3.)When Sam said "I like his gear" at 00:29 he was talking about some guy's guitars and amps and whatnot hahah 4.)the video we were watching at 00:36 was a speed drawing video from one of my subscribers lol 5.)it was our mom and dad that were yelling for Sam at 00:42 6.)the "wire sphere" at 01:10 is what is left from an art project I made last semester 7.)Sam is actually like obsessed with knives and has a tonnn of them 8.)the thing I handed to Sam at 2:29 was a hairball I made from the hair in my brush lol 9.)Sam was cleaning the bathroom for like 10 minutes....and I never turned off the camera 10.)Sam actually did cut himself and was bleeding lol

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