Building a Powerful, Efficient and Highly Available Caching Layer with NGINX

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Speaker: Kevin Jones, Technical Solutions Architect, NGINX, Inc. When people hear the word NGINX, they usually associate the open source platform for its popular adoption as an HTTP web server or load balancer. What a lot of people don't know is the vast amount of powerful features contained in the platform that can be used to build a caching layer and why NGINX is often used as a framework to build powerful, scalable and highly available CDN's (content delivery networks). In this talk we will dive into each unique NGINX directive and its configuration options that are available. We will show various architectural designs that can be used to build a highly available content cache layer. We will cover various tips and tricks that help with the implantation of NGINX as a content cache server. We will cover various NGINX configuration optimizations that can be critical to your NGINX deployment. From this presentation, you will have the knowledge required to configure basic and advanced caching of your NGINX servers. Learn more about NGINX: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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