3DS vs. NEW Nintendo 3DS - ULTIMATE COMPARISON [Software]

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This video is part of a 3 part series - Hardware, Software and Games. You requested it! You waited for it! And now it's here! The 3DS vs. NEW Nintendo 3DS ULTIMATE COMPARISON video! In this video series we take a more detailed look at the differences between the old 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS and compare them directly. There are many design changes, a second analog stick has been added (the c-stick), the browser now supports HTML5, the wireless has been removed, extra power saving features have been added and so much more! Thanks always for your thoughtful comments. Subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next video! Other videos in this series - Part 1 - Hardware: http://youtu.be/2mXTLWEKNX0 Part 2 - Software: http://youtu.be/y3vr4zg6k3M Part 3 - Games: http://youtu.be/RXWvAVmMWL0

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