Sonic Generations: Hyper Sonic Edition (Sonic Generations PC Mod) - Outdated Preview Video

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For the first time since I originally made it, here's a video of Sonic Generations: Hyper Sonic Edition. It's a standalone mod that is NOT compatible with other character-altering mods. If you want to download this mod, you can go to the download link seen in this video: ----------------------------------------------------------- Note: I WILL remove ANY comments containing ideas and / or requests and / or suggestions for additional features and / or other full mods (even if the comment contains something that I thought was good.) ----------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, as mentioned, this video shows that the ONLY thing changed (other than the title screen) is that Hyper Sonic takes the place of Sonic's Super form. As usual, I also show that the mod is compatible with the No Auto-Pilot and Save File mods that are included with Super Sonic Generations. (Not shown is that the mod is compatible with stage mods.)

Published by: JoeTE
Published at: 9 years ago
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