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Tool: Dewalt Dual-Mold Safety Goggle Transcript: For this Cool Tools review I’m going to share my thoughts on these safety goggles from Dewalt. I have a bunch of different safety glasses I’ve bought over the years -- glasses, goggles, even face shields. None of them are perfect, but they work. My biggest complaint, aside from how badly they all get scratched, is that glasses tend to hurt my ears after awhile. Maybe that’s weird, but I’m always on the hunt for an alternative. My favorite current option is this $10 pair of goggles from Dewalt. They’re fully enclosed and wrap around your head with a wide elastic strap that I have tensioned just enough to hold onto my face. There’s a soft rubber gasket that presses against your face. It’s much softer than your typical lab goggles. You also get better visibility because the lenses curve around your face. Now there is some ventilation at the top of the goggles to help prevent them from fogging up. There’s also an anti-fog coating inside. I’ve worn them on a hot day, and you can definitely feel moisture build up in them, but I haven’t had them fog up in a way that made it hard to see. Some Amazon reviews mention that these are a good option for fitting over prescription glasses. Your mileage may vary depending on your glasses. As an option, Dewalt’s product page says that you can order prescription inserts that clip inside the goggles. They also offer a version of these with a UV blocking sunglass front. Now, they’re not perfect. Like anything else they will scratch up, and the rounded front doesn’t help things. They’re bulkier than glasses and not as easy to store. I find it best to hang them on something. And on a hot day, the fully closed design will make your face sweaty. But, the tradeoff is that you really feel like your eyes are protected from every angle, especially if there’s a lot of fine sawdust flying around. So there you go, those are Dewalt’s Dual-Mold safety goggles. You can pick them up using the link in the description. And remember, you can see thousands of reader recommended tools like this at Find more Cool Tool reviews here: Check out Maker Project Lab here:

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