No bake triple chocolate mousse: so easy and quick to make!

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Hard not to fall in love with it from the first bite!INGREDIENTS - Butter 1/2 cup - Dark chocolate 5 1/2 oz - Milk chocolate 9 1/2 oz - Semi-sweet chocolate 7 oz - White chocolate 5 1/2 oz - Flour 5/8 cup - Cocoa powder, unsweetened 2 tbsp - Eggs 2 large - Sugar 3/4 cup - Salt 1/4 tsp - Vanilla 1 tsp - Heavy cream 1/4 cup - Heavy whipping cream 1 2/3 cups - Heavy cream 3 * 1/4 cup   METHOD In a pan melt butter with chocolate and sugar on low heat. Take the pan from the heat, mix in eggs, vanilla, flour and cocoa powder. Pour the dought on the prepared baking tray. Bake at 350 ' F for 20-25 minutes. In a bowl whipe the heavy cream. In separate bowl mix chopped dark chocolate with warm heavy cream, add whipped cream, mix it well then add melted gelatin. Repeat all steps with milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. When the dought is ready make a few laps out of it, then wrap a paper collar on the dought lap and secure it with tape. Pire dark chocolate mousse inside the circle. Repeat it with milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. Let it rest or for better result you can put in the fridge for few hours. Pour it with milk chocolate ganache and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

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