Super Easy First Guitar Lesson - Guitar Lessons For Beginners - Stage 1 - The D Chord

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👉 See Justin's NEW in 2020 Complete Beginner Course here (it's free!): Guitar Lessons For Beginners Stage 1: The D Chord In this guitar lesson for beginners, we are going to check out a super easy first guitar chord, the D chord. This can be your very first chord ever! Easy beginner songs on @JustinGuitar Songs :) Please SUBSCRIBE! ► ❤️ Your Support Appreciated! Video Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:25 How to place your fingers to play the D chord 02:30 Make sure your D chord sounds good 03:25 How to correct common problems with the D chord 05:53 Tricks to play the D chord - How to place your thumb! 🎵 See for over 1800 completely free lessons! An online guitar course with awesome tools – that I kept it FREE! You'll be able to track your progress, set a practice routine, get PDF downloads, and help with lessons. Just like private classes with me! :) 🚀 Looking to LEVEL UP your guitar skills? Check My Practical Music Theory course - The best music theory course available on the web! 👉 Check out for my best-selling (paper!) songbooks, cool guitar-related t-shirts, and much more! • Website • Theory Course • JustinGuitar Beginner Song App • Store (books/t-shirts/more) • Jam Tracks • Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Forum • Workshops

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