Pre FPV Club Drone Race Preparation Session

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Shot the day before the first Club Race with Eastside FPV for 2019. This was essentially just last minute prep and confirming all our quads were working. Track was design to to cater for all three of us. We had the pleasure of having Ken (KentuckyFPV) join us for this session. I never got his DVR so unfortunately nothing to share, but I did get his take on the track. And speaking of DVR, I including one of mine. This video won't really form part of the training series since it was more of a Pre Race Vlog, but I thought it was worth sharing this track. The elevation changes really made This track challenging. Some of the Gear we use below: Crossfire - - - - - - - - Xbee MCK: FlightOne FPV Camera Props Motors Various T-Motors Batteries Various LaforgeFPV Mission Foods - Racing Fuel Like us on our FaceBook Page & Twitter

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