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Amazing weekend with the Danish @Streetvikings, English @Superdupamoto and the Swedish @Supermotokings & @BackpackWheelieboyz! Part 1: 0:00 (Before Epic meet with Streetvikings, Superdupamoto, Supermotokings & Backpackwheelieboyz) Part 2: 02:41 (At Epic meet) Camping: 06:02 (Sleeping in the tents) Part 3: 06:41 (Epic meet and Barkarby airfield) Had a lot of fun with the Danish @Streetvikings, and the English riders from @Superdupamoto. And ofcourse Backpackwheelieboyz and supermotokings, aka the local supermoto riders. Started with meeting up with Danish @Streetvikings, showed them around the westcoast of Sweden. The day after we met up with the English @Supadupamoto and had a rideout with them aswell. The third day we packed our backpacks to travel to Västerås where the annual Epic meet is held by @Superretards. Had a great day there with a lot of burnouts and nice people and ended it by camping at a playground for kids outside @Felkan's house. The day after (Day 4) we started the day by jumping up on our bikes and headed down to the Barkarby airfield which is an amazing place to ride and learn new tricks! 2 people from @Superdupamoto actually managed to scrape for the first time there, similar to what I did last year 2016. With that said, I want you to enjoy the video and please leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed it. I put in a lot of effort into making these, and it would mean a TON if you leaved a like and shared it with a friend! :) Thanks! NTKlife webhop!: http://www.NTKlife.com My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NTKLife/1422537314718462 My Instagram: @Nicke.kjarhus My Webshop: http://www.NTKlife.com SPONSORS!: Stickerapp.se Moto-Master.com Warp9racing.com NextGraphicsDesigns @ Facebook

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